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You Deserve the Best in Western New York

With over 20 years of experience serving the Buffalo New York area Integrity Electric
understands Buffalo inside and out.

Who is Integrity Electric Right For?

My name is Greg Klubek, I've been serving homes around the Buffalo area ever since 1997 and since then have become Buffalo's highest independent reviewed master electrician.


1. Active and Healthy Home Owners/ Decision Makers

Our services are for most people but not all. We work with people that understand that Integrity Electric backs our work with:

Over 1 million dollars of Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

All the proper Licenses

20+ Years in The Industry

Warranty Options

This means you're paying for a premier service with rates appropriate to the marketplace. Put simply, we provide the best service at a FAIR rate.

2. We Focus on the Small Jobs

When working with homes. the quality of the work I perform is held in the highest regard. Integrity Electric has niched down on focusing on the small jobs.

This means:

Ceiling fan installation
Outlet replacement
Panel Replacement
Recessed Lighting install


3. We're For People who Need the Job Done Right the First Time.

Have you ever hired a contractor and just weren't satisfied with the end result? Integrity Electric is a perfect fit for you.

Have you ever hired a contractor and had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you were unsure you could trust this contractor in your home? Integrity Electric is a perfect fit for you.

My only wish was to be the very best service in Western New York for your home, and with competitive rates, insurance, and a highly skilled master electrician behind all those positive reviews, we must be doing something very right.

If You Feel Like We May be a Great Fit Choose From One of the Options Below!


If you think you're qualified to work with us. Give me a Call at 716-913-2703 , Book Some Services Online, or Contact Me with the Form Below

Contact Me

Integrity Electric

3842 Harlem Rd. #400-188 Buffalo, NY 14215

(716) 913-2703

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