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11 Attractions in Buffalo NY

11 Best Attractions in Buffalo New York So maybe you're looking to visit Buffalo New York and want to find out what the locals recommend. From the phenomenal food, to the low-key bar scenes, and local events, you're going to be impressed at all of the great opportunities Buffalo New York has to offer you. If you are a local, and feel like we are missing out on something great, leave your best tip here on a google form: and we will update our post and link back to your website! 1: The Chicken Wings! It's the only thing we can all agree on off the bat. Even the vegetarians here understand this golden principle that chicken wings are the only proper way to lead off a Buffalo appreciation blog post. Let's face the facts, for most of us Buffalonians, the only way to make a Bills Game better is some beer and some wings. However there is a slight divide in the chicken wing community. Most people simply like all of the chicken wings here, but some are true blue fans of one restaurant over the other. So in order to not do a disservice to any of the true buffalo chicken wing fans I'm going to just suggest the top two sensationalized local favorite restaurants in alphabetical order for chicken wings. The Anchor Bar is definitely one of them. There are a few locations for the anchor bar, including at the Buffalo Airport, Maple Road, and the Original Anchor Bar on Main Street towards the city. The atmosphere is always relaxed and a bit exciting because you're sure never to be disappointed by the chicken wings, it's just how we do it around here. Duff's is the other personal favorite that has had celebrities, and even President Obama visit for the chicken wings. There's a saying at Duffs as well, “WARNING- Medium is Hot, Hot is Very Hot, Very Hot is VERY VERY HOT”, and it's no joke, you actually can easily tell the outsiders from the locals based on their reactions to the chicken wings. Some will think because they ordered hot somewhere else that it's going to be the same experience in Buffalo, most leave uncomfortably surprised! That said the Chicken wings at Duffs done right are absolutely awesome, the sauce is mixed with butter and is a smooth thick coat covering the wings perfectly. You'll be happy you visited! 2: Our Sports Teams Despite all the negative coverage we have for our players, Buffalonians are truly some of the most dedicated die hard fans for our teams. We've actually been labeled by ESPN and the NFL “the craziest sports fans” because of some of our more extreme pregame celebrations which have included but weren't limited to- hand stand keg chugs, WWE style body slams through foldable lawn tables (occasionally on fire), bodypaint and bare chests during our snowiest games. Look there just is no debating this, Buffalo loves their teams. 3: Allentown Well, we got through our two most important things on the is list, and now we're niching down moreso into the things that make Buffalo truly unique. One of those on this list has to be Allentown. Allentown is coming in at number 3 on the list because it is a packed in street where barhopping is the easiest thing to do. Every Friday night, Allen St is filled with mostly young professionals and college students looking to have a fun night out. The street itself is even usually pretty busy. 4: Chippewa Nightclubs with Rooftop and Outdoor Patios This is more of the typical night life scene. Bars like Soho, Lift, and Encore are the local favorites. So if you're interested in having a great night out, Summer in Buffalo may be the best time for you to head to one of those places. The thing that these nightclub/bars have in common is they all have outdoor sections, whether its a rooftop patio, or an outside private section, Chippewa is always a great time. As a local my best observation has been that Saturday nights are usually the most popular nights out. 5: Jims Steakout Another great place on this list has to be a local favorite called Jims Steakout. This place is one of the many awesome “fast food” places to get a killer meal at. Local favorites include something called the “stinger sub or stinger wrap”. Basically say you order a stinger sub for example, the sub is made up of chopped ground beef under chicken fingers soaked in buffalo sauce, and topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion and Jim's own signature sauce that compliments the sub perfectly. Other great orders at Jim's have to be the poutine fries. Poutine fries were conceptualized in Canada. They consist of french fries soaked in gravey with mozzarella cheese curds shredded over them, however in Buffalo the only thing that's different is melted shredded cheddar cheese. 6: Elmwood Village

Elmwood is another awesome place for our nightlife. Places like Thirsty Buffalo, Mr. Goodbar, Coles, JP Bullfeathers, and a few other real gems are really worth looking into. However Elmwood is also home to a national treasure. Possibly the best place to get a burrito or taco I've ever been to still has to be Elmwood Taco's and Subs. The ground beef has the absolute perfect texture, the tortilla shell it's placed in is always fresh, and the sauce is amazing, a bit on the spicy side so I'd recommend starting with Mild to avoid any trouble.

7: Mighty Taco Another hometown favorite is a place called Mighty Taco. Favorite of college students or people just looking for a great bite of food Mighty Taco can be found everywhere! I'd really recommend trying out the Nacho Buffito... 8. Thursday in the Harbor Thursday in the Harbor is this epic event that only takes place in the heart of summer in Buffalo. Bands from Goo Goo Dolls to Weezer have participated and the admission is absolutely free. I can not overestimate how awesome these events are, because if you're looking to spend a night out to just enjoy and unwind Thursday in the Harbor is a really cool way to do just that. 9. Pearl Street Bar and Grill Another local favorite is the Pearl Street Bar and Grill. It's actually probably one of the highest rated restaurants our city has. With beautiful outside seating patios, and massive amounts of space with 4 levels to the complex itself, this historic staple of Buffalonian entertainment. 10. Saint Patrick's Day Believe it or not, Buffalo is often said to be among the very best places in the country to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day at. With our parades and drinking culture, not to mention the Niagara Falls lit up green for a couple of nights, Buffalo is a really cool place to be during the weekend long festivities. 11. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls is one of the worlds 7-world wonders and it's right in our backyard! With interesting tours, landmarks, site seeing, even maid of the mist boat tours. On a hot summer day in Buffalo Niagara Falls can be an amazing place for a photographer to get some amazing camera shots.

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