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Ceiling Fans Installation In Buffalo, New York

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#1 concern with a Ceiling Fan install is to make sure the fan does not come crashing down!
Ceiling fan installation buffalo electrician
Ceiling fan installation in buffalo ny

Ceiling Fans can be an excellent addition to your home. There is a little more to a ceiling fan installation than what you see on the surface however. The most important factor with ceiling fans is to make sure the proper support box is being used so the ceiling fan doesn't come crashing down after the installation. That is why it is important to make sure when hiring an electrician that the electrician is trained in how to install a ceiling fan. Any shortcuts made here could result in injury.

Ceiling Fan Support
The Wrong Way!

The picture to the right

shows a typical electrical box that is supporting a lightweight lighting fixture. The picture is taken from the attic above the drywall and the living space is below this picture. This is a very typical electrical box I find in Buffalo homes as-well as the surrounding areas. People often think that just because there is a metal bracket holding up the box that this electrical box can hold the weight of a ceiling fan. That is not true. 

Ceiling fan installation, improper electrical box
Ceiling fan installation gone wrong buffalo electrician ny
Ceiling fan installation kit buffalo ny electrician
Ceiling Fan Support
The Right Way!

The picture to left shows what an approved electrical box assembly for ceiling fans looks like. Notice the Heavy duty brace bar in the middle of the picture used to hold the electrical box. You can't see it in the picture but the electrical box itself uses larger mounting screws than the assembly in the picture above. They are larger and stronger to hold the weight of the ceiling fan. These kits are not included with the purchase of your ceiling fan they are sold separately and should be installed by a professional if you do not feel comfortable about installing them yourself. 

Quick Three step example of how to install a ceiling fan brace assembly.

Below is typically how you can install a ceiling fan brace box. This method usually works very well, although sometimes it is necessary to get into the attic due to hidden wires and insulation being in the way.

Ceiling fan installation by buffalo electrician

If you do not feel comfortable installing your ceiling fan...

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Ceiling fan install by electrician in buffalo ny

There are additional ceiling fan boxes available for different scenarios, the example I showed here is the most common scenario that I run into in the Buffalo and surrounding area homes. Whether you need a ceiling fan installation or replacement the homes in Buffalo and the surrounding areas are beautiful with character and some are fairly old and the electrical systems are outdated and do not meet today's standards. That is why it is important to follow installation guidelines like the ones on this webpage.

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