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I am the Owner and Operator of Integrity Electric. I provide

Electrical Service and Repair for your home or office in Williamsville NY

and All of the Surrounding Areas!!

My focus is the small Jobs!

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Have you been wanting a new ceiling fan? Maybe you would like to add some accent lighting. Spot lighting and security lighting can be a nice touch and add peace of mind. Do you have the proper electrical outlets installed near wet locations? Get some GFCI outlets installed and protect yourself from shock. 




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As an electrician serving the Buffalo and Western New York area for 20 years now I have come to know the homes in the area very well. This is a very important factor for the success in running a local electrical contracting business. 

Check out a few of my most common


as your Blasdell Electrician

As Low As $89
Per Diagnostic
As Low As $35
Per Socket
As Low As $45
Per Cust Supplied Light

At Integrity Electric I am proud to offer you a wide range of electrical services and repairs from an affordable and effective licensed electrician. Maybe your home needs a new Circuit breaker box, or new lighting, perhaps you have a pesky list of things that aren't working and you need an electrical outlet replaced, or an electrical switch replaced. Please don't hesitate to call or text me!


for your Electric Service or Repair

I try to keep my electrical services as affordable as possible, so here are some coupons and occasionally some special deals for you to save some money on. So feel free to use these discounts for your next lighting installation, outlet replacement, circuit breaker repair, or whatever electrical installation or repair you might need.

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So you're looking for an Electrician in Williamsville,

With over 20 years of experience as your go-to Williamsville Electrician, I have truly seen it all! Buffalo is filled with older homes and because of that infrastructure may be outdated. In this case, homes experience many common issues, some of them range from things as serious as improper installation of electrical circuits to poor workmanship or substandard products. Integrity Electric's long-term policy has always been pretty simple- "your job done right the first time."

My services are designed to troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your home. Sometimes that isn't the case, sometimes, you may just be looking for help with installing the new ceiling fan, recessed lighting for the refinished basement living area; I'm here to help. 

I ensure jobs are well done because I'm backed by:

Over 1 million dollars of Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

All the proper Licenses to Work

20+ Years in The Industry

Warranty Options



What makes Integrity Electric proudly among the very highest reviewed electricians in Williamsville is the relationship formed between us.

There are certain criteria, and certain areas of concentration Integrity Electric focuses on that may not be suited for everyone: 





Integrity Electric's pledge is to get the job done right the first time. There is a very real and ugly underbelly in an otherwise noble profession.  

Some contractors aren't trained properly, set things up improperly or illegally, or just fail to be diligent enough to solve an otherwise manageable issue. If you've ever hired a contractor and have left unsatisfied due to "a repair" failing months later you probably understand. Additionally to this, Integrity Electric also offers competitive rates to ensure with regardless of where you shop, we can be a perfect fit!



There's a difference between a generalist and a specialist. A specialist is someone who is a master at details in a certain niche, and while Integrity Electric is a fully licensed master electrician, our concentration is on the outlet replacements, the ceiling fan installations, panel replacements, recessed lighting installation, fire alarm installations... etc etc...

To see an extensive list of services we provide click below or get in touch!





We're for most, but not for everybody. Integrity Electric is for homeowners that understand that they're paying for a fully insured professional, someone that cares. 

We provide a premier but FAIR rate with different payment options available.

1. We're For People who Need the Job Done Right the First Time.

2. We Focus on The Small Jobs.

3.  Active and Healthy Home Owners/ Decision Makers.

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