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Breaker Panel Installation Tips

As a Buffalo Native, I truly understand the area. Whether you're in Orchard Park or East Amherst, Buffalo was once a booming area, flourishing with affluence in wealth. Our city is old, filled with great people, but our houses do need to get the routine maintenance to keep the great train moving. Today I plan on sharing the procedure for breaker panel installation and what to be aware of when you face this problem. Map and Plan the Circuit The first thing you may want to consider doing is planning the circuit, so mapping out a floor plan is going to be vital for you to get a birds eye view on how you should proceed. Draw lines to represent your idea of how you imagine running the electrical lines is going to look. But also make sure to add up the wattage you expect each circuit to hold so you have an idea of the electrical load on that circuit. Also note that older homes may have a 60-amp rating, while newer homes will have 100, 150, or 200-amp ratings. Before you start your installation of new receptacle electrical boxes, be sure to shut off the main power circuit to your circuit breaker. Next run the cables to your new boxes, and make sure to install a cable that can handle the new load. Refer to your floor plan. Next on the list is running the new cable to your circuit breaker and then wiring your circuit breaker appropriately. Make sure to follow an AFCI Circuit breaker project guide.. Finally you're going to need to replace the panel cover, and then test. If in doubt always find an electrician that is suited to do the hard work for you. Thank you for reading!

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