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Whole House Surge Protection

surge protection electrician in buffalo ny

Regularly $395 installed

APRIL DEAL $195 installed!


Electronics and appliances represent a significant investment for every homeowner. Nearby LIGHTNING STRIKES can cause electrical surges that damage these valuable items.  What most people don't know is that surges can result from changes to the LOCAL UTILITY GRID.  Surge events can even originate from inside the home from the OPERATION of APPLIANCES such as air conditioners, garage door openers and power tools.


Many homeowners use surge strips to protect certain electronics but leave other valuable items unprotected.  Appliances and phone chargers are most commonly left UNPROTECTED.  


A surge protector can be installed inside or outside the main electrical panel where it will diverge surge energy to the ground before it enters the home and does significant damage to appliances and electronics.   



Installed Eaton Cutler Hammer Whole House Surge Protector

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